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by Janine Dalton


Anyone can learn HTML!

A year ago, I thought making web pages looked like fun but I had no idea how to go about it. It was an altogether daunting prospect and I thought I wouldn't have a hope in hell of learning HTML!

In reality, the basics of HTML are quick and easy to learn. Once you have mastered the fundamental ideas, you can start to climb the dizzy heights! Remember, no matter how ornate a page looks, its foundations are the same as any other. Once you learn the basic building blocks of HTML, you can create anything you want!

The ABC of HTML - a Beginners' Guide

These lessons cover the basics of HTML excluding frames, tables and forms. They are specifically written for absolute beginners. No prior knowledge is assumed. My approach is simplistic and practical rather than formal and exhaustive.

Lesson Index

Introduction: Anyone Can Learn HTML!
Lesson 1: First Steps
Lesson 2: Text
Lesson 3: Colours & Graphics
Lesson 4: Sound & Links
Lesson 5: Tips & Tricks

Discussion - HTML Layout
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